Why Use VehoCheck? The Market-Leading Vehicle Compliance Software

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Why Vehocheck?
How Vehocheck compares to traditional paper-based systems

VehoCheck v Defect Book

Mobile & Dashboard Solution
Traditional Defect Book
(paper based)
Include photographs of defects
Automatically notify defects to transport office in real-time
Check information available 24/7 on any internet enabled device
Automatically notify defects to workshop to expedite repairs
Record GPS location of driver when check is performed
Record time taken to perform the check
Identify patterns of driver behaviour
Identify frequency & pattern of vehicle defects
Electronic storage of records removes need for bloated paper document storage

Demonstrated, Realistic, Return On Investment

The cost benefits that you can expect when you integrate VehoCheck into your compliancy procedures

Reduce Admin Costs Simplified administration processes

Administration costs associated with running a paper based system can be virtually eliminated.

Reduce Vehicle Off-Road Time Faster turnaround of vehicle repairs

Advanced notification of vehicle defects results in expedited repairs.

Hold Less Spare Part Stock Improve cash-flow

Real-time notification of defects means that parts can be ordered as required, improving cash flow.

Avoid Fines & Prohibitions Keep vehicles on the road and earning

By demonstrating that defects have been notified to the transport office you & your drivers can avoid unnecessary fines.

Staff Management Identify poor practice

Evidence based reporting identifies non-compliant workers who expose your company to financial risks.

Competitive Advantage Be the best

Full transparency in compliancy procedures gives you the competitive advantage when tendering for new contracts

Why Regulators Love VehoCheck

"At his inspection Chris was praised at the depth of insight he was able to offer. The auditor was impressed by the compliance monitoring the company was able to demonstrate with VehoCheck which was certainly a factor in the positive outcome recorded. "

Clear End-To-End Audit Trail

Full compliancy process audit from reporting through to repair.

Tamper Proof Records

Once it has been recorded it can never be changed.

Digital Authentication

Drivers identified through username & PIN login.

Easy Access to Data

24/7 local & remote access to records for both management and enforcement purposes.

Date, Time & Location Stamping

What, where and when. Full transparency recorded digitally.

Maintenance History

Full reporting system gives rapid access to maintenance records.