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Case Studies
How VehoCheck is helping transportation businesses stay compliant.

Established in 1997, SureTrans are suppliers of manned LGVs and HGVs. Based in Sandy, Bedfordshire they operate UK wide with several off-site locations in Northampton, Basildon & Dartford. We asked them how VehoCheck has helped their business.

What were the vehicle compliance challenges for your business before implementing VehoCheck?

Suretrans is a fast expanding business with the fleet of vehicles increasing all the time which was causing issues with the amount of admin involved in dealing with paper defect reporting and the delay in processing the walk round checks especially with our off sites was compromising our ability to stay compliant with the undertakings of our O-Licence.

How has your company implemented VehoCheck?

We began using VehoCheck on a trial basis at first at the beginning of 2016. We first implemented it on a selection of our vehicles and drivers at our main depot and then expanded the use of it gradually over the whole of our fleet. Our biggest challenge to implementing it was with the drivers and their use of technology but it is so simple to use even the biggest technophobes can be won over.

What impact has VehoCheck had on your vehicle compliance process?

VehoCheck has vastly improved our defect rectification lead times. We receive the information sooner, and directly where it needs to go. With the reduction in administration required it is easy to keep on top of the defect reporting system which keeps us compliant at all times.

Since we have implemented VehoCheck we have been very impressed with the company's flexibility and ability to listen, and make changes that have further improved the usefulness of the programme. We have also been delighted with the additions they keep adding to the system such as the ‘Scheduling’ and ‘Job Cards’ which again are fantastic extras which make the whole job of maintenance planning and recording so much easier.