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Case Studies
How VehoCheck is helping transportation businesses stay compliant.

Established in 1987, L. J. Edwards are a coach hire company based in Hailsham, East Sussex. We talked to them about how VehoCheck has streamlined their defect recording and management.

What were the vehicle compliance challenges for your business before implementing VehoCheck?

Ensuring that all vehicles were safety checked prior to first use was reactive as we didn’t receive the paperwork until the following day. Now we can see in real time when the check is done.

How has your company implemented VehoCheck?

We can now observe in real-time what check has been completed and any issues as a result, often enabling the workshop to plan any required fix without interruption to the work schedule.

What impact has VehoCheck had on your vehicle compliance process?

The process is now far superior. Record keeping is online and streamlined with details of all rectifications, dates and times at the click of a button.