Case Studies

How VehoCheck is helping transportation businesses stay compliant.

Hammond Transport is a leading company in Event and Exhibition Logistics, Dedicated – Direct and Specialist Transport services. They have forged strong partnerships with their clients with the emphasis on quality and excellent customer service. Established in 1925 in East London, Hammond Transport is a family run Transport & Logistics company based in Billericay, Essex. So, how has VehoCheck helped their business?

What were the vehicle compliance challenges for your business before implementing VehoCheck?

Being a FORS Gold member we found the vehicle compliance challenges for the business were far from complete before implementing VehoCheck.

How has your company implemented VehoCheck?

TJ Hammond Transport Ltd implemented VehoCheck to make the entire process of defect repair and reporting more efficient.

What impact has VehoCheck had on your vehicle compliance process?

The impact that VehoCheck has had on our vehicle compliance process is amazing, it has speeded up the time it takes to report the defect to the time it takes to repair the defect.

It has been great working with such a versatile company from knowledgeable and friendly staff through to a highly skilled development team, I would recommend them as a business to everyone.